Fysio Michielsen

Hoogstraat 321
5654 NB Eindhoven
040 - 25 25 123

Fysio Michielsen

We are a modern group-practice of physiotherapy where personal care for our patients, knowledge and skill are most important. The practice, founded in 1987, has grown into a professional practice run by an enthusiastic team with many specialties. Since January 2015 we are based in our new practice: Hoogstraat 321, 5654 NB in Eindhoven. Here we can be of even better service to you with more practice space and treatment rooms. The spacious parking is free and nearby.

Our specialties are: manual therapy, lymphdrainage and oedeemtherapy, physiotherapy for children, jaw-joints complaints, relaxtherapy, breathingtherapy, sportrehabilitation, handrehabilitation, mimetherapy, instability of the pelvis, COPD treatment (chronical lung affections), rehabilitation of the heart, condition- and recovery training, chronicle pain, dizziness, back rehabilitation and whiplash. The practice is open from Monday to Friday, from 8.00 h. till 18.00 h. Treatment is by appointment only. Patients who are not able to come to the practice can be treated at home.

Making an appointment

If you wish to book or to revise an appointment, you can reach us by phone: 040-2525123, if possible between 8.00 h. and 14.00 h. Our practice-assistant will be availablet to schedule your appointment immediately. If it is not possible to reach us by phone, please leave your message and telephonenumber, so we can ring you back. Of course you can also send an
e-mail to make an appointment.

A reference card, yes or no?

You don't need a reference card fot treatment by a physiotherapist. You can also make an appointment directly. When you visit our practice without a reference card, we start with a so called "screening". In this screening we will establish if your complaints can be treated by one of our therapists. It is also possible that your GP, medical specialist or other MD sends you to a physiotherapist. Please take your reference card with you on your first visit. The first treatment, will be an examination. After this your complaint will be explained, a plan for treatment will be formed and according to this plan your treatment will start.

Compensation by insurance companies

Physiotherapy is only partly covered by the compulsory basic insurance. Further cover will depend on any supplementary cover from your insurance company. For a number of chronic affections, basic insurance will cover from the 21st. treatment. The number of treatments and the tariffs covered by the insurers vary by company.

Take a look at the conditions of your insurance company or ask your insurers in what way your compulsory company will cover your treatments. 
With most insurance companies we have direct contracts. In most cases you won't receive a bill from us, as this will be sent directly to the insurance company. If there is no contract with the insurance company or if you are treated on your own account, you will receive the bill yourself. In that case you have to pay the bill directly to us.

Tariffs from 1 Januari 2016

First consultation: € 44,50
Regular session: € 33,50
Children's physiotherapy: € 46,50
Session manuel therapy: € 43,50
Session oedeemtherapy: € 46,50
Extra charge treatment at home: € 13,00
Screening: € 13,50
Intake after screening: € 33,50
One-time physiotherapy consultation : € 60,50 

These amounts apply if the treatment is not covered by your insurance company. In most cases these treatments are covered by your supplement. Inspect your policy papers thoroughly to see if your insurer covers the costs.

Registration of company quality

All our physiotherapists are BIG registrated (Occupation in the individual healthcare) and registrated in KNGF (Royal Dutch Society for physiotherapists).


You may be sure we will do our utmost to be at your service. If however you are not satisfied with anything or have a complaint about the attitude by or the treatment of your physiotherapist or one of the other members of the staff, you can inform your physiotherapist or anyone of the staff. Your complaint will be dealt with in accordance with the directives of the KNGF. You can find information about this matter in the waiting room.

Privacy rules

To be able to perform your treatment as well as possible, your physiotherapist will document your medical and administrative data. This information  is applicable to the law of the protection of personal data. This law contains rules with regard to the purpose of the registration. the type of data gathered, the management of the data, the persons who have access to the data and the right of inspection by the patient. All these matters are covered in this regulation. If, after reading this, you still have questions, please contact us.